Throwback Thursday #3: Day Hospital

pexels-photo-509819AUTHOR’S NOTE: this image doesn’t accurately depict day hospital (also called a partial hospitalization program, or PHP) because the people look happy to be there. But it was hard to find an appropriate photo.

Throwback Thursdays feature relevant posts (of about 20) from a private, online journal I kept last fall. They chronicle my time during a depressive episode, which led to another round of  ECT. You’ll read firsthand what that was like for me. The entries are slightly edited for clarity, and with regard to anonymity.

Day Hospital – October 19, 2016

So when my therapist checked in on me yesterday this topic came up. She thinks I need to go, both to get out of the house, and, if I go back to Partial Hospitalization Program  3 (PHP 3), the social aspect. (Most programs don’t allow patients to befriend one another, but PHP 3 does.) Going to Possible PHP 4, which I should really call DBT, Take 2, would help change the way I think in a positive way, because it’s a DBT (dialectical behavioral therapy) program. A couple of friends went through it and found it helpful, particularly the part about changing the way you think.

Either one will mess up my current schedule, such as it is. DBT, Take 2 would work out better in terms of this, so we may look into me going into that program again. Last time (DBT, Take 1) I went for only one day. I can’t remember why, and I had every intention of going back but never did.

The DBT program I went to and may go to again is unlike day hospital, or PHP. It’s more like a class. There’s a workbook; instead of therapy, there’s a lecture during which you’re expected to take notes; and homework. And no socialization.

I’m not happy about going at all.

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