Throwback Thursday #4: Getting Out of the House

coffee-cups-and-mobile-phone-in-coffee-shopThrowback Thursdays feature relevant posts (of about 20) from a private, online journal I kept last fall. They chronicle my time during a depressive episode, which led to another round of  ECT. You’ll read firsthand what that was like for me. The entries are slightly edited for clarity, and with regard to anonymity.

Getting Out of the House – October 22, 2016

It’s been a week since I showered, and another week before that. It didn’t happen today. My husband thinks I should concentrate on the things I can do. Right now that means just getting out of the house, with him or not. Walking the dog during the week. I’m having coffee with a friend on Tuesday; taking the bus there. Went to the yarn store this morning to hang out/crochet while my husband was at a coffee shop across the street. I kind of didn’t want to go because I hadn’t showered.

Yesterday I went to a coffee shop with him and actually worked on my writing. I’ve been having a tough time writing for a long time.

I saw my therapist yesterday and we decided that I will call the DBT Hospital about getting into their 3x/week DBT program. Going to do that next week, schedule an in-take interview. I don’t really want to go, but I agree with my therapist that it’s something I need right now.

I have an appointment with my primary care physician on Wednesday because the tendinitis in both my left elbow and knees are really bothering me, my elbow especially. It hurts to hold a bottle of water with my left hand and unscrew the cap. Amazingly, crocheting doesn’t bother me. But climbing stairs is tough. Sometimes the pain in all three is constant.

There may be more I’ve forgotten, haven’t really wanted to journal.

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