Throwback Thursday #6: ECT & DBT

Throwback Thursdays feature relevant posts (of about 20) from a private, online journal I kept last fall. They chronicle my time during a depressive episode, which led to another round of  ECT. You’ll read firsthand what that was like for me. The entries are slightly edited for clarity, and with regard to anonymity.

3365078647_99d779c6c2_mECT & DBT – October 27, 2016

My husband and I met with ECT Doctor 1 (there are 3, but 1 is the main ECT psychiatrist). We agreed to start ECT 3x/week indefinitely, but for the next 2 weeks for sure, and then 2x/week indefinitely. This all starts Monday. Yay.

I had to cancel an appointment yesterday in order to see ECT Doctor 1. Otherwise he couldn’t see me til next Tuesday and I can’t wait that long because the depression is worse.

On another note, tomorrow I have my assessment interview at DBT Hospital but don’t know when I’ll be able to start because of ECT. I hope they’re ok with that.

Photo credit: kingfishpies via Visualhunt / CC BY-NC-ND

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