Me vs. Myself: Stepping Out of the Ring

boxing-gloves-sport-pink-glove-boxer-fightI’m my own worst enemy. It sounds cliché, but it’s true. I’m really good at beating myself up for perceived failures, instead of celebrating my accomplishments, however small.

I even noticed in an earlier post that I typed, “I’ve started walking the dog regularly, so that’s something, even though it’s just around the block.” Well, I hadn’t been leaving my house alone at all, so walking the dog was a huge accomplishment. But then I had to minimize it by saying “just around the block,” as opposed to walking him through the park.

Or during those times when it’s tough for me to shower, and I skip it and change out of my pajamas, I’ll tell myself, “Yeah, but I didn’t wash my face.” So what? I not only got out of bed, I got dressed, too!

I’m learning to be my own ally, but it’s tough. When I look at what I’ve accomplished for the day, I do my best to keep out those “but’s.” Something that has helped me is a guided meditation I found on the Insight Timer app called “Affirmation Meditation: I Am Proud Of All My Efforts” by Alison Potts. Instead of saying “but,” I now say, “I am proud of all my efforts.” And I am.

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