Throwback Thursday #10: ECT Didn’t Happen Today

Throwback Thursdays feature relevant posts (of about 20) from a private, online journal I kept last fall. They chronicle my time during a depressive episode, which led to another round of  ECT. You’ll read firsthand what that was like for me. The entries are slightly edited for clarity, and with regard to anonymity.

man-young-male-adult-sleeping-deep-sleepECT Didn’t Happen Today – November 2, 2016

. . . because my husband overslept. By the time he woke up we would have had to rush to get there and would have still been late. I hate rushing or being late for anything; it makes me super anxious, and especially on an ECT day, which makes me anxious as it is. So we decided to skip it today.

I was really pissed at him, but I’m over it. However, I’m not happy about missing a treatment because it totally throws my ECT schedule off. The first one seemed to help quite a bit (see Throwback Thursday #9), and now I wonder how much more this one would have helped. I also know there’s no point in dwelling on it.

I wasn’t able to shower today, which probably would have been the case if I had made it to ECT anyway, but I was able to feed the dog and cats when I finally got up at 8:00 AM.

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