Following Through on Plans

stormtrooper-warli-starwarsI’m great at cancelling plans, and not so great at keeping them. This is why I hate making plans months in advance, because I never know what my mental state will be when that day comes around. Will I be going through a depressive episode? Will my anxiety prevent me from leaving the house?

Earlier this spring, my husband and I made advance plans to take a few weekend getaways at bed-and-breakfasts over the summer. I was nervous about them, especially as the dates grew near. Around the same time, we also made plans to go to an Ohio State football game in Iowa (we — OSU — lost; badly) for the beginning of November, which seemed years away. I was able to follow through on all of them. I’ve been working all year on going through with plans, no matter how I feel at the time.

Then, in October, I bought tickets to see the new Star Wars movie, not knowing how I’ll feel when Sunday, December 17, came around. It was reassuring, however, that when I purchased the tickets at the theater we usually go to, I was able to reserve our seats. I don’t normally have anxiety about going to the movies, unless we can’t buy tickets ahead of time and choose where we’ll sit. What if it’s sold out? What if most of the seats are taken and there aren’t 2 seats next to each other?

When I bought the tickets, December seemed lightyears away (see what I did there? lol). Then this past weekend, I grew anxious with both anticipation about seeing the movie, and dread about whether or not I’d be able to follow through. On Sunday, especially, I did a lot of clock watching, to see when it would be time to leave. I wanted to make sure we avoided traffic because I hate being late. At least there’s a parking garage at this particular theater. It’s usually empty, but what if all the spots were full because so many people were going to see Star Wars, as well as the other 10 movies that were showing?

We made it in plenty of time, and found a parking spot immediately. I’m not going to share my thoughts on the movie because this isn’t a review. You’ll have to see it yourself! 😉

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