56 Questions & Answers About Me

IMG_0548This is a fairly recent picture of me taken in November. My sister knit the sweater, which I think is gorgeous. I love the color of the yarn! I included the pic because this post is all about me — for you to get to know me a little better.

Discovering Your Happiness posted her answers to these questions a while ago, and I thought I might try it. If you’d like to do the same, just copy and paste, and change the answers. Please link this post — https://barbnatividadblog.com/2017/12/21/56-questions-answers-about-me/ — to yours if you do, so I know that you posted it, because I’d love to read more about you!

Here goes:

  1. Do I believe that everything is meant to be, or do I think that things just tend to happen for no reason at all?
    I think things happen for a reason, with those things probably being teachable moments.
  2. Do I forgive and forget? Or do I forgive, but always remember?
    I am trying to be more forgiving, but always remember. The things that have happened to me make me the person I am.
  3. If I could give one piece of advice to everyone in the world, what would it be?
    Be forgiving. It will bring you inner peace.
  4. Do I think that people can change, or that they just are who they are?
    People can change. This is a small example, but when I used to drive, I’d get angry and impatient with drivers who held up traffic (I live in a city). Now, it’s my husband who honks, while I try to put myself in that driver’s place — if it was me, the honking would make me anxious, and I wouldn’t want to do that to someone else. I think my husband is learning this, too. 🙂
  5. Would I consider myself to be religious or spiritual?
    Spiritual. Meditating has made me so, and I believe that there is positive and negative energy in the universe that affects us all.
  6. Would my 10-year-old self be proud of me?
    I think so, but I’m not positive.
  7. What do I think is the best revenge?
  8. What would I change about myself?
    I would like to drop my perfectionism. I’m working on accepting the phrase, “progress, not perfection.”
  9. On the flip side, what would I never change about myself?
    My resilience.
  10. Can I confidently say that the path I am on in life right now is the one that I (and no one else) would want for myself?
    I think I’ve accepted my mental illness, and learned (and continue to learn) how to live with it, so yes.
  11. It’s the year 2040. Where am I?
    I’ll be 71, but I hope to be more active and social than I am now!
  12. Am I a morning person or a night owl?
    A morning person.
  13. Would I consider myself to be more creative or more logical?
    Definitely more creative. I can’t even solve logic puzzles!
  14. What could I do to be a healthier person?
  15. If time and money were no object, what would I do with my life?
    Be a full-time volunteer at an animal shelter.
  16. Is it all about luck or hard work?
    Hard work. As a writer, my fiction and poetry weren’t accepted for publication in literary journals/magazines because of luck. I got plenty of rejections along the way.
  17. Should I live with no regrets, or learn from my mistakes?
    Learn from my mistakes. If a similar situation comes up again, I’ll be better equipped to handle it.
  18. How would I describe myself in only five words?
    Impatient, impulsive, open-minded, polite, and generous.
  19. Family first, true or false?
    True. I would normally say that health comes first, but I wouldn’t be healthy without my family’s support.
  20. Can discipline be learned?
    Yes. I used to have horrible sleep hygiene, but I’m mostly disciplined about it now.
  21. Am I as loyal as I think I am?
    No. I am not perfect and am prone to making mistakes, but I try to rectify them.
  22. How could people be a better friend to me?
    Reach out to me by text or FB Messenger, especially during those times when I’m too anxious to meet up. I’d still love to hear from you.
  23. How could I be a better friend to people?
    I’m not sure. It’s been so long since I’ve hung out with actual people on a regular basis.
  24. Is conformity a good thing or a bad thing?
    I’m not sure there is such a thing: everyone is unique whether they realize it or not.
  25. What is a book I read that completely changed my outlook on life?
    Shockaholic by Carrie Fisher. I like how open she was about being bipolar. It made me realize that other people undergo ECT on a regular basis, too, which made me feel less alone.
  26. How can I be generous when I am not rich?
    I can be generous with my time. It’s my hope that once my anxiety is stable that I’ll be able to volunteer again.
  27. How can I improve dialogue and communication with those I deeply disagree with?
    Listen to what they’re saying, even if I don’t agree with it, and keep an open mind. I would try my best not to be confrontational when responding. Dialogue and communication go both ways. If they don’t give me or my arguments the same respect that I’ve given them, I would just walk away. It isn’t worth arguing, especially if I know that neither of us are going to change each other’s minds.
  28. If I had to make a list of my top 10 most important values, what would they be?
    Not in any order: love, kindness, forgiveness, generosity, patience, encouragement, loyalty, open-mindedness, having a good sense of humor, being a good listener.
  29. What are my deal breakers for romantic relationships?
    Abuse (emotional and/or physical), lying, cheating.
  30. Do I love myself?
    I’m working on it.
  31. If not, how could I find a way to love myself?
    Continue doing guided meditations on self-love.
  32. Is trust always earned, or is it a given until it’s broken?
    I’ve always been a trusting person, and sometimes with awful consequences. I would say that trust is a given, but I need to be more careful about who I give that trust to, and not be so impulsive.
  33. If I could apologize to one person, who would it be?
    A former neighbor who was also a friend.
  34. And what would I say to that person?
    I’m sorry I unfriended you on Facebook and cut all ties with you after I moved out of the building. My anxiety couldn’t always handle your spontaneity and intensity, which are things I love about you, believe it or not. I just didn’t know how to tell you that, or to say “no” sometimes. I sent a slightly longer version of this apology earlier this month, but unfortunately, haven’t heard back.
  35. If I was able to say one thing to my ex, what would I say?
    To my ex-boyriend: you have a beautiful family; to my ex-husband: I hope that you’ve learned to tone down your arrogance, and that the last 20+ years have been good to you.
  36. If I could have one person apologize to me, who would it be?
    My mother.
  37. And what would I want them to say?
    I’m not sure.
  38. Do I ghost people or do I give them a reason for breaking ties?
    I don’t even know what “ghosting” means! I’m getting old lol
  39. Do I believe in karma?
  40. How do I show I am angry?
    Stomp my feet (yes, like a little kid), and cross my arms. I can also become distant.
  41. In my opinion, what are my greatest strengths?
    My resilience; having learned to curb my impulsivity; learning to live with bipolar and anxiety.
  42. In my opinion, what are my greatest weaknesses?
    My constant apologizing for everything, however trivial, even when whatever it is isn’t my fault; being easily overwhelmed; my impatience.
  43. If I could go anywhere in the world, where would I go?
    To a job that I love.
  44. Is work-life balance important to me?
    I haven’t worked since 2003, but if I did work, then yes, it would be very important to me.
  45. Is family important to me?
  46. Is friendship important to me?
  47. Is romantic love important to me?
  48. If I could have one talent, what would it be?
    I already have that talent, for which I’m fortunate: writing.
  49. What is one part of my life I miss and why?
    Being part of a social group, whether it’s hanging out with friends on a regular basis, or with the crocheters/knitters that I met when regularly going to the yarn store on weekends.
  50. What are elements from that time I could incorporate into my present?
    Reaching out to my friends to go out; join a class/hobby that meets regularly, but my anxiety makes both overwhelming.
  51. Do actions really speak louder than words?
    Not necessarily, because sometimes that action is to speak up.
  52. Am I happy with my career?
    Since I’m no longer teaching, my career is being a fiction writer, and yes, I’m happy with it. I have several short stories that I’m revising until they’re polished enough to submit for publication.
  53. If not, what could I change about my job to be happier and more satisfied?
  54. What’s more important to me, self respect or being right?
  55. Do I learn from the past or live in the past?
    I do a little bit of both, though I’m working on not living in the past so much. I think about my past in order to learn from my mistakes, but I’m also working on not dwelling/living in the past. It’s a thin line.
  56. When I die, what do I want to be remembered for?
    Being a good person.

And there you have it!

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