New Year’s Eve 2017

3158472560_d13d3a9456_zI am happy and relieved at the end of the year, especially if it’s been a particularly bad one with regard to my mental health, as well as with things that can be classified as “$hit Happens.” Fortunately, 2017 has been an ok year. Though I underwent ECT in February/March for severe depression, I didn’t require it this past fall, and the autumn/winter season is the worst time for me; I also realize that winter isn’t over. That part’s pretty good. My anxiety, however, has really troubled me this year, though I’ve made some progress overcoming my fear of leaving the house alone by walking the dog and walking to physical therapy. Fortunately, no $hit happened this year!

I’m  not one to make resolutions, but I’m looking forward to a new beginning in 2018, which is what I love about each new year.

My husband and I don’t celebrate New Year’s Eve. We don’t go to parties anymore (they make me anxious), and we rarely stay up until midnight because we’re getting old lol! Plus, there’s sleep hygiene to consider. When I was a child, my mom once told me that if you fall asleep before midnight on New Year’s Eve, you’ll end up sleeping through the following year. Obviously, this isn’t true, although there are some years I wish I had slept through!

If you do go out and celebrate New Year’s Eve, please be safe! Happy New Year!

Photo by legalnonresident on Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC

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