First Psychiatrist Appointment of 2018

6227478999_7c7b3bf3bd_zAs you can tell from the title, I had my first appointment this year with my psychiatrist today. It was a good thing because the last few days, my moods have been dipping throughout the day and I’ve been having hygiene trouble, which as most of you know, is a red flag for me. This is making me anxious. After I described my moodiness, part of our conversation went something like this.

“Do you have a light box?” he asked.

“Yeah,” I answered.

“Do you use it?”

“Uh, no,” I said, looking away from him in embarrassment.

Not surprisingly, he suggested that I use it for 1-2 hours a day in the morning (so it doesn’t keep me up at night), and we’ll revisit my dipping moods during my next appointment in 4 weeks.

I felt like a complete idiot because here I have this huge-ass light box that I haven’t been using so far all winter. Well, I’ll start using it tomorrow morning.

Do you use a light box during the winter months? Do you feel that it works for you?

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6 thoughts on “First Psychiatrist Appointment of 2018

    1. Everyone has differing degrees of depression and/or seasonal affective disorder (SAD), so I can only speak from my own experience. I’ve been using a light box for at least 4 years, and honestly, I don’t know if it’s helped. However, it’s a tool, so I use it. Still, it hasn’t prevented severe enough depression that required me to undergo ECT.
      I usually start using it in October, but haven’t this winter. I was hoping I could get away with not having to use it. I’m going to start using it tomorrow, and will write a post in 4 weeks about whether or not it helped.

  1. I see mine on Monday. I’m scared, nervous, so shamed over myself. I really need to be on Lithium but I’m SO scared of the side effects.. It’s the only thing I haven’t tried due to the side effects yet I hear it’s the most effective for bipolar individuals. God help me.

    1. I was on lithium many years ago and don’t recall having any side effects, but that’s just my experience. I’m not even sure why they took me off. I’ve been taking Tegretol for years now as my mood stabilizer. It helps with the hypomania, but I still have trouble with depression.

      There’s no reason for you to feel ashamed of yourself—you aren’t the cause of it. But I understand feeling scared and nervous about seeing the doctor. I hope everything goes smoothly.

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