The Chocolate Cake Caper

Chocolate Cake CaperWe adopted Angelo not through an animal shelter, but right off the street. He was left behind by the downstairs neighbors when they moved out. At first, we thought he was a neighborhood cat, albeit without a collar, because he was so friendly. When we saw him on the sidewalk three weeks later next to a pizza place called — you guessed it — Angelo’s, we realized he was the kitten our former neighbors had. We picked him up and brought him home.

Does he look innocent to you? Well, he’s not. He is a thief. A thief without remorse. I’m pretty sure he learned how to smoke and swear from the delivery men behind the pizza joint across the street, but thievery? He must have learned that on his own, in order to feed himself.

Friday nights are for take-out and a movie on cable, at our house. On one such Friday, my husband and I ordered from one of the restaurants on our rotation. I got a slice of chocolate cake, not for dessert, but for breakfast the next day.

On Saturday morning, while sitting on the floor in front of the coffee table and watching TV, I set the plate of cake I’d been savoring in front of me. I didn’t see Angelo sneaking up, and when I glanced at the TV, my breakfast was gone in a blink — literally! He STOLE my CAKE right off of my PLATE!

Cats are quick. He scrambled away with his prize. Or should I say loot? Unlike dogs, cats don’t have a sweet tooth, so I was surprised that Angelo even bothered to steal it. Chocolate can be fatal to cats, and we had a tough time getting the cake away from him because he had squeezed himself behind the toilet! Every time we reached for it, he hissed and scratched at us. We recovered it, eventually.

I learned my lesson: be vigilant while eating. And maybe use the dining table instead of a TV tray in the living room!

Do you have “thieving” family members?

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15 thoughts on “The Chocolate Cake Caper

  1. I was cracking up reading this!!! I can’t believe he stole CAKE! That is hilarious. My cat used to say “momma” mostly when she was hungry but everyone close to me has heard her say it. Cats are silly!!!

  2. Yes!! It was as clear as day. Everyone would be like ” did your cat just say momma?”

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