Mental Health Recovery Goals

This post was inspired by The Bipolar Writer‘s post, Goals in Mental Health Recovery.

accomplish-1136863_640What’s on the horizon for my recovery goals? I don’t usually set goals because I’m anxious I won’t accomplish them. I’ve also had to change my expectations (which has been difficult), and therefore, my goals. Such as taking a shower. That’s one of my current goals.

It’s been nearly 2 weeks since I’ve bathed, though as some readers know, my husband washed my hair and I washed up a bit, earlier this week. Basic hygiene is a part of self-care, and self-care is part of recovery and maintaining your mental health (whether you’re mentally ill or not).

After the hypomanic symptoms I experienced 2 weekends ago, I’ve fallen into a deep depression. It isn’t so much emotional, where I feel hopeless and suicidal, but physical. I’m more lethargic than usual and have insomnia. Not getting enough sleep saps my energy even more, but I set a goal to post here every day. Writing, depressed or not, has helped me feel better about myself because I derive benefits from it: I feel productive, and writing, for me, is therapeutic.

To combat my anxiety, I have two goals: to take pubic transportation, and to attend something like a yoga class regularly. In the past 2 weeks, I’ve left my house twice, with my husband, and that was for weekly appointments. Also, I’ve stopped walking the dog in the afternoons altogether, let alone by myself. My husband does it, but it’s my goal to get back to doing it.

My largest goal will take years to accomplish, and will require my therapist’s help. I believe it will aid in my recovery, such as the way I see myself, to be able to accept myself as is, to love myself, to provide inner peace, and to stop seeking my mother’s approval and fulfilling her expectations of me, even though she’s been dead for nearly 2 years. We had a complicated relationship, which I’d like to write about, but finding the words is difficult. The goal is to forgive my mother.

Are you a goal-setter?

What are you mental health recovery goals?

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19 thoughts on “Mental Health Recovery Goals

  1. I am amazed how similar our stories are. I started writing about my father this morning. I have just found enough courage to kind of tell that story. I am not finished a d not sure it details our relationship or not but I am giving it a go!

  2. My goal is to not take a nap because I’m so damn depressed. This hypomania is kicking my ass, and I’m so exhausted. You and I have a great deal in common, I’m starting to think it’s the water we drink. LOL!
    The bathing issue is the same too. I’m lucky if I do it every three or so days.
    I’m pushing myself to be positive, but it is so difficult lately. I just want to crawl under the covers and turn off the world right now. 🙁
    I do sincerely hope you feel better real soon, Dear. Take care & God Bless you, Barb!

    1. Omg, all I want to do is post a blog piece, then crawl under the covers to alternately read and nap lol! Thanks for the well wishes. I hope you feel better soon, as well. 🙂

  3. I know its so hard to right about your relation with your parents especially your parents. I know what it feel like not finding the words.
    Thanks for posting this i really needed to read this.
    I skip bath for 2 3 days because it makes me so weak i cant get up. After every bath i lay panting for hours. And its hard to explain. All thanks to steroids.
    Bigger problem i am germaphobe. Its so complicated.
    Lethargy is one of the reason i am becoming anti social. I just want to lay in bed forever. And its not only laziness.
    Blog is keeping me alive. Otherwise i dont know what i would have done.
    My ultimate goal is to get better in everyway and reclaim my life that i lost years back.
    You are writing and communicating with people you are already source of motivation to alot of us. ❤🙂

    1. Thanks so much — all of you are sources of motivation for me, as well, and reassurance that I’m not alone. Anyone who has experienced depression knows that the bathing this isn’t because of laziness; but in my head, I feel like that’s what people think and that they’re judging me. I’m learning not to care what they think. This is depression.

      1. I could never explain them and it was embarassing even though i took care of my hygiene. I have very long hair and after shampoo i would have to sit for a while and breath. My shoulder would hurt so bad. Steroids swelled my whole body i couldnt even smile.
        And then people are waiting for you like vultures to show them your face to give them a topic to gossip about.
        I am so glad i have people here who understand

        1. I totally get the long hair thing. It was too much to deal with, so I got it all chopped off. That’s helped, but not when I’m in a deep depression.

          Like you, I’m so thankful for people who understand, and I hope that together we can educate the ones who don’t.

          1. I have given up on educating part.
            People mock you. My desease was very visible still i had to listen to crap people gave me all the time.
            Nobody understands mental health untill it happens to them or thier loved ones.

            1. And even then, they don’t always get it. I post about being bipolar on FB, and fortunately, most of my friends are supportive. I realize, though, that it doesn’t mean they understand because the only people who really get it are those who’ve been through it. But it’s my hope to make people aware that it can happen to anybody.

              1. Thats what i believe too. Previously o wrote about my panic attacks and anxiety and suicide.
                The purpose was to raise awareness.
                Here people listen and understand.
                Outside i dont even say anything. They cant see mental illness Thats The problem.
                But here people see and understand and care.
                I felt so relaxed after reading your post today i could relate to it on so many levels.
                Thanks alot 🙂 yes togather we can help each other heal.

  4. I feel and hear you Barb. I’ve never met you, but I can tell you’re a beautiful being and it’s not easy recovering from childhood traumas and feeling rejected by family members. It’s devastating. You just take one day at a time. Remember what I mentioned in my Jumanji post, it is up to you, but take baby steps, one mini goal at a time. If that means getting up on time twice a week, that’s a start. I know how it feels. It took me years to go outside!! Now I can’t stop and I no longer need anyone’s approval! You’ll get there. Just don’t give up! Many hugs to you!

  5. Baby steps, baby steps. Definitely the way forward. It’s so hard because you’re battling against the toughest disease and you’re battling with yourself. Your rational mind is telling you one thing and yet the disease is telling you something else. Be kind to yourself and although I don’t know you, I wish you well and look forward to reading more posts. 🌼🌼🌼

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