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IMG_0621Eve at Revenge of Eve has begun a new series called “What’s Your Favorite?” (#wyf) Please visit her blog to participate! The first question, as you can see from my title, is “What’s your favorite tattoo?”

This is my 4th and most recent tattoo, which is about 3 years old. It spells out, “warr;or,” with a semicolon in place of the “i.” Several years ago I wanted to get a semicolon tattoo for my wrist in support of Project Semicolon, a nonprofit organization that supports suicide prevention and raises awareness.

In grammar, a semicolon is often used when the writer writes a sentence that isn’t quite finished, then uses a semicolon before completing the thought. The semicolon serves as a pause. Project Semicolon adopted this symbol to make people think twice before attempting suicide; and so, many people have had semicolons tattooed on the inside of their wrists.

I was strongly attracted to this idea, and decided to get a semicolon tattoo. Then a friend of mine found the “warr;or” design online (mine isn’t an original), which I liked better. She, apparently, felt that I’m a warrior for battling mental illness, and for having survived several suicide attempts. I guess I agree, but also see myself as a warrior against stigma.

In 2017, Amy Bleuel, Project Semicolon’s founder, lost her battle with mental illness. I’m certain this left a cavity in the organization that can’t be filled. However, Project Semicolon soldiers on, continuing to raise suicide awareness and prevention.

Do you have any tattoos?

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  1. I love it when people actually think about what they want for tattoos and don’t just get drunk and get some cartoon or naked lady that means nothing to them–

    1. Believe me, I have a tattoo that I got pre-diagnosis that was totally impulsive and that I’m working on getting covered with a better tattoo. At least it wasn’t too stupid — a tribal armband, which was popular in the early ’90s.

      1. Yeah. I have a half-dozen or so, mostly tarot cards or Tibetan Buddhist symbols or celtic stuff, but they all had meaning at the time and are not an embarressmant now, although sometimes people find ones on the hand to be odd. Oh well. These days at least some artists do great coverups.

        1. Yeah, I mean mine’s not bad, it’s just uneven if you look closely at it. I’m glad your tattoos had meaning are aren’t embarrassing.

          1. It’s not to say some of mine aren’t sort of lame, but at least it isn’t like the name of an ex that I regret or religion that I gave up or anything. Things could always be worse!

  2. I don’t have a tattoo yet. I used to not like tattoos, but recently I have really wanted to get the semi colon tattoo but I can’t afford it right now. I want to get the semi colon tattoo as I am a numerous suicide attempt survivor and sometimes continue to battle with severe suicidal depressions as well. I want that semi colon tattoo to remind myself especially during difficult times that I am a strong survivor and my story is NOT OVER!!!!

  3. I want my semi-colon to be the body on a beautiful butterfly. I want to design myself. I just need so me money… I hope I will have enough soon. I want the tattoo as well because then it can be a conversation starter for others to talk about mental illness and suicide prevention etc.

  4. so cool a cool idea for a tattoo! I like the w;r idea! xx My blog link

    I blog about living with blindness and mental illnesses, dissociative identity disorder, and complex ptsd. Please follow along, like and or comment to my posts. any questions about the blog, please email me.

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