I Married Him for Love & Insurance

33165940281_16d24ef49e_zSimply put, my husband and I got married so I could be on his insurance policy. We’d been dating for 3-1/2 years, since 1999, and loved each other and knew we wanted to marry one day — like when we could afford it. “One day” got pushed up to March 2003.

I was scheduled for surgery, but my student health insurance, which was good for a few months after I graduated, was going to expire the week before the operation. I also didn’t have a full-time job. There was no way we could afford the profuse cost of the procedure, so we went to City Hall and got married.

Because of the unexpected and hasty nature of our marriage, we didn’t have the big, fancy wedding that I’d always envisioned growing up (same with my first marriage). My dad and all but a handful of relatives, live halfway across the country. My husband’s family lives closer, but out-of-state. There wasn’t enough time for any of them to attend. Our guests included my mom, my sister who was my maid-of-honor, and her then-boyfriend/now-husband who was the best man. We wore jeans and went out for ribs after the ceremony. They were mighty fine ribs, too!

Wedding CakeFor a few years afterward, I mourned not having the type of wedding I’d dreamed of as a little girl. Then it hit me that a big wedding was just part of the life expectations we sometimes subscribe to, and which I no longer believed in. The only thing I regret is not having a cake! Oh, and maybe the $20,000 Chanel wedding dress I saw in a magazine as a teenager in the ’80s bwahahaha! For our 10th anniversary, my husband made me this cake. And I don’t have to worry about it spoiling. 🙂

The important thing was that I was able to have the surgery, thanks to my husband’s gift of health. To this day, I remain fortunate enough to have great healthcare because of him.

If you’re married, did you have a “deadline” when you wed? If you’re single but in a committed relationship, would you marry if a “deadline” loomed on the horizon?

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11 thoughts on “I Married Him for Love & Insurance

  1. My boyfriend of 5 years is not from the US, where we live. He’s working with a visa that expires in 2 years. I guess when it comes time to apply for a new one, we might talk about marriage.

  2. Cute cake! I have been married a few times, and this time is just because it would make him happier to be married as opposed to just livng together. There was no tricky deadline for us, and that is fine. I know a lot of my gay friends, for example, feel that marriage is a big issue, but to me, as long as I can get cake pretty regularly, I didn’t have to be married to do it.

  3. Very sweet story that you all realize the glitz and glamour don’t make a marriage. It’s the individuals and the support for one another. My hubby and I didn’t have a deadline. We took our time, had a small wedding, and a nice reception at a restaurant. Most importantly we did what we wanted, everyone had a blast, and we weren’t didn’t have to go in debt for it 😊🤗🎉

    1. It took me a few years, but yes, fancy isn’t what a marriage is built on. Debt-free is certainly a plus! 🌻

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