CSI: Cat Scene Investigation

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Several years ago there was a U.S. television show called CSI: Crime Scene Investigation that I loved. And miss very much. The title pretty much explains the show’s premise: it was about a team of forensic scientists who investigated crime scenes. Anyway, I woke up one morning to find this on the kitchen floor: a package of hamburger buns. Not only were the buns chewed on, but so was the plastic bag they were in! Believe me, I wasn’t puzzled as to who did this dirty deed.

Photo by author

The suspect was Hee Seop (pronounced HEE-sop). Does he look innocent to you? Well, he’s not. He has prior B&Es: breaking into packages of food and eating their contents. Unfortunately, at the time we had 3 other cats, so he remained a Kitty of Interest because we couldn’t prove — without a doubt — that he was the perpetrator of the crime.

Are there any furry perpetrators in your family?

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Special thanks to Eve, of Revenge of Eve, for teaching me that you can add captions to photos!

15 thoughts on “CSI: Cat Scene Investigation

    1. Haha, like the cookie he grabbed the other day? Lol! I’ll try. The first picture I described in the post: it’s of a bag of hamburger buns that someone bit into. The second one is a picture of my cat lying on a cat bed.

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    1. It only took us a few years to learn not to leave food on the counter 😂 Hee Seop’s usually the culprit. He doesn’t even hide it anymore: if there are dishes in the sink, he jumps on the counter for what we call “sink snacks.” Of course we don’t notice until we hear the thump of his landing back on the floor! I’m glad I’m not the only one with criminal cats lol!

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  1. Well my J-baby is the sweetest boy. He’s too small to jump on counters but he sure does love cheese!!

    Barb I am happy you learned that from my blog, now if only I can get mine to work. 😂

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