Valentine’s Day 2018

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As soon as the stores around here clear out their Christmas merchandise, they put up the Valentine’s Day stuff: pink-and-red wrapped candy, chocolates in heart-shaped boxes, heart-shaped balloons, Valentine’s Day cards, red roses. Have I missed anything? I think it’s kind of gross —  so commercialized.

In fact, Valentine’s Day is actually SAINT Valentine’s Day, and it’s suspicious that these merchandisers even know that. Saint Valentine was a martyr. He tried to convert the Roman  Emperor to Christianity, and for his efforts he was clubbed and stoned — not to death, though. Saint Valentine was a tough guy. They had to behead him.

My guess is that we celebrate Valentine’s Day because Saint Valentine is the patron saint of love and marriage. But do we really think about the guy who lost his head for us so we can celebrate it by exchanging cards, giving presents, and in my case, eating candy? 😉 Probably not.

This year is my husband’s and my 19th Valentine’s, and we no longer celebrate the way we did when we were first dating. We don’t go out to a fancy restaurant, and some years we exchange gifts while on others we don’t. Okay, so we put a heart-covered bandanna on Rudy, who by the look on his face, definitely doesn’t know what Valentine’s Day is, but we love him just the same.

However, I think that this “holiday” can be lonely for some, especially those who don’t have a partner with whom to celebrate, and maybe even for those who do. But take Eve of Revenge of Eve’s advice: love yourself. You can always love yourself. Why not buy heart-shaped candy for yourself? Or flowers? Treat yourself to a massage, or a facial. Do something special for you.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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16 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day 2018

  1. I used to hate this day since i had had some unhappy times, but I hardly notice the day now. My husband likes to send me cards and candy and whatever sometimes, since he never used to celebrate it but likes to give me little goodies now and again. I have to say I find it sort of a non-event emotionally, and way too commercial.

  2. My partner is in IL in a psychiatric residential unit, so no, im not celebrating with her, but I joined slimming world, and that is my gift to myself, to get healthy!

    1. Congratulations! I just read your post and left a comment. 🙂 Also, the image on my post is of my dog, Rudy, who is a beagle mix, wearing a bandanna covered with hearts. <3

    1. Thank you, and while I’m still working on loving myself, I think you’re right about things clicking into place. 🌻

  3. Rudy’s face in my in-box was the best way to start this morning!!! I love Rudy’s face! Happy belated… XOXOXO

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