Costume Jewelry Projects

Original design; photo provided by author

So some of you may know that I used to make costume jewelry, as opposed to fine jewelry (read: Tiffany’s), but quit around 2014. It was probably because after some ECT treatments, I forgot how to create a certain type of bracelet and didn’t feel like re-learning. Also, the depression I was going through may have contributed to my completely losing interest.

I started making jewelry shortly after I was diagnosed in ’95, and it was a great outlet for my creativity. I even used to make my own beads with polymer clay, which was popular in the ’90s. I made jewelry on and off, depending on whether I had time or could afford the materials.

Semi-precious stones, different types of beads, and Swarovski crystals were my materials of choice. I also used copper wire, and brass when I got into metalsmithing, where I cut, shaped, and pounded texture into sheets of metal.

Original design; photo provided by author

Today I thought I’d share with you a couple of pieces I designed myself. The first is a necklace made of copper wire, the beads and pendant of which are made from a semi-precious stone (I can’t remember which). The second is a pair of earrings that I also designed, cut from copper sheets on which I used a special hammer to pound textured shapes. I then attached crystals.

Ironically, I rarely wear jewelry except for my wedding band, and maybe a pair of earrings. Sometimes I’ll wear one of the bracelets I made, if I remember that they exist. Same with my rings (though I didn’t make those). I have a few pieces of fine jewelry that my husband gave me as gifts, but I only wear those on special occasions that call for a night out. Those, of course, are few and far between because of my depression.

Do you wear jewelry?

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24 thoughts on “Costume Jewelry Projects

  1. It’s great that you make jewelry. I only wear my rings and some Tibetan Buddhist amulets. Oh, and a black star earring in memory of Bowie.

    1. What helped was that the local bead store held classes. You only had to pay for the materials, and most of the classes were about $25. Maybe there’s a place near you?

      1. I’m not great with classes. Anxiety in groups. There are lots of tutorials on line, maybe I can check out some of those when I’m motivated again. Some people are naturally talented though, like you. Thank you Barb

        1. Thank you. It took tons of practice, though! I completely understand your anxiety about groups. I feel the same.

  2. For some reason I am missing your post. It is pissing me off. Ggrrr. .
    Back to your question… yes I wear jewelry. I prefer dainty pieces made of gold or white gold, and sterling silver. I wear 2 necklaces, 3rings, two bracelets, an anklet and watch everyday. Not gaudy pieces. Simple one’s. Oh and a toe ring. Lol. I’d be lost without it.

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