Bipolar Barb Will Be Back on Tue., 2/20/18

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As many of you know, my husband and I are going away for a relaxing extended weekend in a small Midwestern town. I doubt we’ll meet even one rube (a rather derogatory term) because this and the surrounding towns are touristy, and one restaurant in particular is quite sophisticated.

This restaurant offers a vegetarian (!) 5-course tasting menu for $90 per person. If you choose to add wine pairings, the total is $160! The “grand” 7-course costs $150, and with the beverage pairings, $250! Yeah, we won’t be going there. Even though my depression has improved considerably, I’m not up to dressing all fancy and wearing heels, especially in the winter!

In order to keep my depression at bay, I’m bringing my lightbox, clunky as it is. I was a little anxious about whether I’d have enough time to use it before breakfast is served, but the bed-and-breakfast website includes the breakfast times, so I’ll know exactly when I have to wake up. *phew* That’s always a source of anxiety for me when we travel. Will I have enough time to shower before breakfast? Will I have enough time to do my morning meditation? Etc., etc.

I’ll probably be posting pictures on my Instagram feed, which you can find on the bottom of my blog’s sidebar. Click on the picture to see all of them (if I’ve posted multiple pics), and to read the captions. If you have the app, my username is barb_natividad.

However, I won’t be posting here again until Tuesday of next week, February 20. I won’t be around the blogosphere, so if I reply to any comments in a not-so-timely manner, please forgive me. If need be, you can use the Contact form to reach me. Know, however, that I only check my dedicated blog e-mail once a day. Maybe twice.

Have a great weekend, everybody!!! <3 <3 <3

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27 thoughts on “Bipolar Barb Will Be Back on Tue., 2/20/18

  1. I am late seeing this post.
    Be careful and have fun! You deserve the get away.
    Are you a vegetarian?

    1. Hi Guy! I’m quite well—I hope you are, too. Thank you for the award, and will complete it sometime next week. I will also email you about your Truly Inspired series. I haven’t forgotten! 😊

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