Back From Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

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My husband and I had a truly relaxing weekend getaway to Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin, which is about a 2-hour drive from Chicago, so not too far away. We stayed in a combination hotel/bed-and-breakfast (B&B), which is our thing — we like to visit B&Bs throughout the Midwest.

This one is different from others we’ve stayed at because, though historic, it isn’t grand like the other places. It isn’t beautifully landscaped with marvelous gardens, and lies on a small plot of land. There’s no fancy parlor, library, or dining room with antique furniture and 19th-century molding or whatever lol. There’s a small dining room in the reception area, which I thought was odd, and it only seats 6. I’m sure the place holds more guests than that, but — and this is the hotel-ish part — we had the choice to eat breakfast in our room, so we chose that option.

Our room was a different story. We usually book suites, which have a bedroom as well as a seating area, because we like relaxing in our room. This one was 2 stories! The sitting room was downstairs, and the bedroom upstairs! What you see in this photo is the seating area. (I posted more pics of our suite on my Instagram account.)

Photo provided by author

We found a great coffee shop in town, and another in the next town over. My husband and I like spending time in coffee shops writing, so that’s what we did, as you can see from the photo, which he took without my knowledge! I was revising one of my short stories. I got plenty of work done, despite the constant noise coming from the people at the next table. They were discussing — loudly — some sort of board membership and whether one of the people at the meeting could stay on the board. Fodder for a story? Maybe! And in case you’re wondering, I recently crocheted the cowl I’m wearing. 🙂

Another thing we discovered, which was probably a mistake, was a chocolatier in another nearby town. We bought a few fancy chocolates that were rather pricey — but they were on sale! I guess kicking my sweets habit will have to wait lol! But oh, the chocolate is divine. . . .

We ate at a couple of restaurants —  nothing fancy, but we liked them both. We had fried green beans for the first time ever, which were awesome, though it never would have occurred to me to dip green beans in batter and deep fry them! We ordered pizza on our last night, and it was pretty good, for a small Wisconsin town. We’re spoiled by our Chicago pizzas!

It was a successful trip in terms of relaxation, though I began to feel a little depressed towards the end. I’m not sure if it’s because I need to increase the time I spend in front of the light box, or because it was almost time to leave.

Still, it feels good to be home! <3 Rudy was happy to see us when we picked him up from boarding, and the catsitter left detailed notes as to what Angelo and Hee Seop were up to while we were away. Today, my husband gets to drive back to Wisconsin for a day trip for work lol!

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17 thoughts on “Back From Sheboygan Falls, Wisconsin

  1. The photo is awesome! Your hair looks nice. You are a talented crafter. The cowl neck looks lovely. It’s always nice to get back home. Glad it was a nice time for you.

  2. Nice job crocheting the cowl! And it sounded like a nice and relaxing weekend out of town. Happy for you 😊

  3. Very nice cowl, Chic. You look great! What an interesting little town! So glad to know that you and your dear hubby had fun. Love you, Chic.😘❤️🤗

    1. Thanks, Tita Gin. We already had the trip planned or we would have tried to make it to Tito Kuya’s party. Love you, too ❤️😘

  4. You look lovely in the pic Barb. I love your hair cut. Not everyone can pull that off.

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