The Light of Bipolar Disorder: Creativity

Casey of The Bipolar Brat Blog has written a Web article on creativity and bipolar disorder, and in which she interviews 3 women, including myself! Please check out her article 😊

This Bipolar Brat

This is my first published piece outside of ghostwriting blog posts and my blog. I can only post so much of it, so I hope you finish reading it on the website, Resources to Recovery! I also want you to check out the three wonderful ladies that let me interview them for this piece & subscribe! I love their blogs & they’re three strong ladies who have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder as well. In no particular order, here are the lovely ladies!

Barb Natividad



The Beginning of the Guest Post

So often, we are consumed by the negative factors that revolve around bipolar disorder. We are overwhelmed with the depression, the mania, and the anxiety. We are absorbed with our struggles and ability to maintain balance. We forget there is a bright side to our mental disorder. The creativity gene is festering inside of all…

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