Back From St. Joseph, Michigan

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Yesterday, my husband and I returned from a 5-day, 15th wedding anniversary trip to St. Joseph, Michigan. St. Joseph is only a short, 2-hour drive away, which was really nice. Neither of us had been there before, and we loved it!

We particularly loved the B&B in which we stayed: it only had one room downstairs, and we had the entire second floor to ourselves! We usually book suites, so we have a seating area where we can relax. Here, the sitting room was in another room altogether, which was surprising at first, but we grew very comfortable, very quickly! Especially because we were the only guests there — it’s the off-season. St. Joseph is a beach town, and we’re not particularly beach people. The photo shows part of the sitting room and the bedroom. You can see a few more pictures of the second floor on my Instagram account.

The innkeeper was very accommodating and had the best stories! He was also an AWESOME cook! He did ask me what I do, and I finally got to use my answer: “I’m a writer and I blog about bipolar disorder.” He was accepting and we had a short conversation on mental illness.

IMG_0672He’s also a photographer and has an artist friend who lives next door. The neighbor did a lot of the art work that decorates both the interior and exterior of the house, and I fell in love with an outdoor piece called “Fish Sticks.” The innkeeper introduced us to him, and we got our first piece of commissioned art work, which you can see in the photo! It’s called “Voodoo Fish Sticks,” and while it isn’t identical to the innkeeper’s version, it’s very similar. We plan to hang it on our balcony/deck because it’s weatherproofed. Plus I told the artist that I wanted to display it outdoors.

Because the breakfasts were HUGE, we didn’t eat lunch the entire time! For dinner we got take-out once, which was meh (I had the mozzarella sticks; my husband had a pizza with a soggy crust). We ate at a pub in the downtown area one night, and that was really good, especially the fries. At 4:00 PM every day, the innkeeper set out snacks of chips and home-made salsa/guacamole, freshly baked cookies (the rest of which he sent home with us!), and wine. Between breakfast and snacking, we didn’t need lunch or dinner much!

Also, all the food was made from scratch, down to the granola in our yogurt. Just about everything was locally sourced. On our last day, I tried quail eggs for breakfast. Although the yolk is much richer, they taste like chicken eggs. I’m not usually adventurous when it comes to food, but I figured, why not?

Like our last trip, we found a chocolatier lol! This place only made truffles though, and they are ex-cell-ent! We left with a dozen 🙂

We also did an escape room adventure, which we’d never done before. If you aren’t familiar with it, you’re basically locked in a room for a set amount of time with other players, and have to solve your way out. You’re not actually locked in there and can leave at any time, but the goal is to find the solution based on clues in the room. Each room has a theme. Ours was to find Bugs Moran’s mole in Al Capone’s organization! Even though we didn’t know the father and son we were partnered with, we worked together well. We weren’t allowed to take pics because that would ruin the secrets of the game. My sister, brother-in-law, husband, and I will be doing one here in Chicago in a couple of weeks. This time, we bought all the tickets so we’ll have the room to ourselves. I can’t wait!

Although I was able to push myself to do the escape room, visit some art galleries in Benton Harbor, go out to eat, walk along the South Pier, I was unable to shower the last 3 days. I haven’t showered today, either. Despite all of the fun things we did, I felt, and continue to feel, depressed. It doesn’t help that my husband left for Nashville this morning for work. At least he’ll be home tomorrow night.

Have you ever been to Saint Joseph? Did you like it?

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12 thoughts on “Back From St. Joseph, Michigan

  1. that sounds amazing! I’m glad you had a nice trip! sorry your depressed though. I am sorta depressed right now too. Never heard of an escape room! sounds like fun!

  2. I love quail’s eggs, Chic! Your dad used to take care of quails when he was in High School.

  3. It sounds like you had a wonderful time Barb. I am happy you did. I love the decorating in the rooms. Very beautiful and refreshing. I understand not taking baths. I have that same problem when I am depressed and even some when I am not. I feel it has turned into a bad habit. A learned behavior almost now. I have notshowered today, but I did yesterday after about a week. Yikes.

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