Thank you all for your support, love, and encouragement during what has been a difficult time. Much love to you all. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

Being admitted to Behavioral Hospital. Photo provided by author

As some of you know, I was in the emergency room on Friday, March 23, because I couldn’t stop self-harming. I was there from 4:00 PM until about 6:30AM the next day, when I was transferred to, I’ll call it, Behavioral Hospital. It’s a mental institution, but calling it that would be self-stigmatizing.

I was transferred because they didn’t have any beds at ECT Hospital, which devastated me. I like the psych ward at ECT Hospital, and know what to expect, especially because I was just there in the beginning of March. I was scared when the ambulance arrived at Behavioral Hospital.

Just got home. Photo provided by author

But I ended up loving many of my fellow patients because I was admitted to the Women’s Unit. No, the facilities weren’t as nice nor the food as good as ECT Hospital, but the various group therapies were so. Much. Better.

They made a few changes to my medications, which my psychiatrist planned to do, anyway. I’ll see him on Friday, my therapist on Monday, and this Thursday, I have an in-take interview with an Intensive Outpatient/Partial Hospitalization Program (IOP/PHP). I describe this type of treatment in My Experience with Partial Hospitalization Programs. I’m actually looking forward to it, and should have done it after my last hospitalization earlier in March. But we had travel plans. Also, I don’t think ECT Hospital recommended that I go to IOP/PHP, so I didn’t explore that type of treatment.

First meal after discharge: Candy Apple French Toast from Over Easy. Photo provided by author

Well, it’s part of my aftercare this time around, and I think it’ll help me transition from being an inpatient back to being on the “outside.”

Have you gone to an IOP/PHP after being hospitalized, or even without having been hospitalized?

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20 thoughts on “Re-Admitted

  1. I am so proud of you Barb. You are doing everything right for your mental well being. I did IOP for almost a year when I first got sober. I enjoyed it for the most part. At times others would make it almost unbearable but I made it through successfully. I think that is a perfect move for your next step. That french toast looks amazing. I hope you are feeling confident in your decisions. I love ya lady!! xoxo

    1. Yes, I definitely think this is the right step for me. Although I’m glad to be home, I’m anxious about not being in the hospital. Love you, too!

  2. Welcome back Barb. I’m glad you were able to stay and get a little more attention. I hope you feel a little more in control now. It would be nice if they discovered the perfect treatment for you.

  3. So happy you are back. IOP sounds like a great start to take back control of your life!

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