What Makes My Stomach Churn

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When I was at Behavioral Hospital, there was a group therapy in which the therapist gave us a list of negative names we have been called, and then a positive way of reframing it. We had to read the ones we circled out loud. For example: I’ve been called finicky, but really I’m a gourmet and have discerning tastes.

Sure, there were names on that list that I’ve been called, but the 2 names I’ve been called most, by my mother, weren’t on there. They were ugly, and an embarrassment. The therapist wanted me to reframe them myself, which was difficult. I came up with: I’ve been called an embarrassment, but really I know how to live my own life. And: I’ve been called ugly, but really I’m beautiful.

I found the latter hard to believe. My mom criticized my appearance so much, that when people tell me I’m beautiful, or cute, or whatever, I feel so uncomfortable. I don’t want to contradict them, but the compliments make my stomach churn.

One day I’ll get over this, I hope, and be able to accept compliments graciously.

What makes your stomach churn?

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11 thoughts on “What Makes My Stomach Churn

  1. Barb, I ise to be that way too and it was because of things my mom said to me. You really have to say the positive affirmations and try to believe them. It will eventually sink in. Honestly, it took about 10 years of afformations for me for it really to sink in, but it does work. Change the word but to and.

    1. I’ve been meditating to a self-love guided meditation, but I think it will take a while for me to really believe it.

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