First Day of PHP #4

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Don’t worry — I’m not going to write about how my day went at PHP every day for the duration of time I’m there. I only thought I’d discuss it today, since it was my first day, though I’ll probably write a post about my first week. I’m not going to talk about other patients for legal reasons, but may mention them in generalizations (doubtful).

So. This picture was taken this morning, as I was waiting to leave for PHP 4. Don’t I look thrilled? In truth, I was excited at the prospect of getting the help I need, but there were things that made me anxious: it was a LOT like going to school. Except for my last 2 years of high school, I had a miserable time in school.

At any rate, at least I showered today lol! I did tell the in-take coordinator that I struggle to shower every day, but that I showered daily since I was discharged. There was no way I was getting rejected from this program.

I packed my backpack since I don’t have any other appropriate bag that would fit all my stuff: wallet, phone, keys, lip balm, mints, pen, and one of those nylon, insulated lunch boxes. Turns out it was a good thing I used the backpack because they gave me a 3-ring binder with some information in it (not exactly looking forward to reading it). It has a slip cover in front and I’m going to finish a really cool project we did in art therapy at Behavioral Hospital and slip it right in there. I’ll post a pic on Instagram when I’m done. You should be able to catch it on my Instagram feed in the sidebar, but it displays only 3 pics at a time. Anyway . . . .

Oh. Mah. Gawd. It was SO boring. It was like being in school. The 3 groups we had were like classes where the therapist wrote down stuff we called out, on the board, and we copied them onto corresponding sheets. There was no processing of feelings, discussing one another’s issues, or anything like that. I will have a trauma group once a week, and depending on how that and the rest of this week goes, I may switch to the trauma track. Right now I’m not in a specialized track.

Thankfully, my husband was in the parking lot waiting for me when it was “dismissal time.” I couldn’t wait to rush right out of there! Now if only I had an after school snack lol!

UPDATE, 4/10/18: Turns out, this particular program is a skills-based group rather than a process-based group. As I mentioned, I learned a little today, so maybe this will be a good thing.

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  1. wow! sounds like a disaster! and like they just wanna tick boxes, she went, she was here, etc. gees! not very much help then to you is it? xo

    1. It felt that way a bit, but I did learn some things. It’s all CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy), and I’m not sure that works for me.

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