Putty as Stress Ball

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I remember kneading rehab putty in my left hand for exercise when I went to physical therapy last fall. I’ve always liked putty, and play with the mini-tins at my psychiatrist’s office. When my husband and I were in Michigan, I bought a tin of Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty. No, they aren’t paying me to write this. Although the kind of Thinking Putties my doctor has have cool colors, that’s it — they’re pretty, but they don’t do anything else.

The type I bought, which is called Foxfire under the Phantoms effects, is luminescent. You can write on or draw designs with a UV light that’s included and the writing glows in the dark! I wish the picture below wasn’t so blurry, but that’s all my camera would allow me to take. Oh, and Thinking Putty bounces! I play with it from time to time when I’m feeling particularly anxious.

Photo provided by author

Putty is better than the stress ball, not just for the special effects, but because you can pull it, twist it, mold it into different shapes, or simply knead it. On the other hand, when I’m away from home, I can’t just pull out my tin and start playing with it. So my stress ball goes with me everywhere lol!

Do you use a stress ball, putty, or other object when you’re anxious?

Daily Prompt: Luminescent

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