From Klonopin to Gabapentin & Cats

Hee Seop (rear); Angelo (front). Photo provided by author

My (temporary/PHP 4) psychiatrist and I met, and I expressed that I didn’t think the Klonopin was no longer doing anything for me. So he suggested slowly switching from Klonopin to Gabapentin.

I almost laughed out loud because our cats, Hee Seop and Angelo, both take Gabapentin before seeing the vet; in fact, it’s requested that Angelo, in particular, take it. He is the biggest love bug at home, but at the doctor’s, he’s extremely difficult to handle, so much so, that it seems he’ll froth at the mouth, become a zombie cat and eat everyone’s (including ours) brains who are in the room. He’s not quite that bad . . . ok, he is. Fortunately, the Gabapentin calms him. He still hisses and growls, but doesn’t attack the veterinary professionals. As much.

Hee Seop, on the other hand, is terrified of the vet, so much so that when he was in for a dental last year, he managed to yank his entire left thumb claw out! I don’t know how he did it, but that was the result. He also sometimes pees in the carrier, so we give him Gabapentin when going to the doctor, too.

At Behavioral Hospital, the psychiatrist considered putting me on mirtazapine to help me sleep. I heard that that stuff can really make you gain weight. I guess it would because it’s supposed to stimulate appetite, which is why Hee Seop used to take it.

Next thing I know, they’ll make me take heartworm and flea preventatives lol! 😂🤣😂

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21 thoughts on “From Klonopin to Gabapentin & Cats

  1. I took gabapentin for a bit but while it is for numbness, it caused numbness in my toes. It was awful. I quit taking it but it did help with my anxiety. I can’t see that it would help more than Klonopin though.

      1. It did the job but that side effect wasn’t something i could handle although i did take it for a year.

  2. I took Gabapentin for the longest time, but it made me feel dull inside. My focus was nill. I still take Klonopin in order to fall asleep better but try not to due to the insurance being nill now too. LOL! I never heard of giving animals Gabapentin before… that’s a new one on me. 🙂

    1. Oops. I accidentally hit send. I was saying that I don’t feel dull on Gabapentin. I always s thought gut is t was a cat medication!

  3. I was put on Gabapentin for my nerve pain from Klonopin withdrawal syndrone and to help my insomnia. However made me too sleepy. So I stopped. I’m still med free after over two months and so far so beautiful. One day at a time. I have a new Pdoc and we are working together on this. Only time will tell but my brain is clearer than ever… so far and I have NO anxiety for the first time in my life. What? It’s true. I have had severe anxiety since my late teens early twenties. Not sure if it is my age or what or a miracle. I will enjoy it while it lasts. I hope you will feel better very soon. I just wanted to share to give you hope. Hugs, Sue ❤

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