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NOTE: I’m sorry I haven’t been able to keep up with reading everyone’s posts. I contracted food poisoning yesterday, and still have it today. I’ll do my best to read your posts, though, but if I don’t get to them, that’s why. Thanks for understanding!

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If you have or know someone who has bipolar, there’s a good chance that you/they spend a lot of money on impulse buys and other things. You spend so much that all of your credit cards are maxed out, and you’re always broke.  You get behind on paying bills and rent/mortgage. And your home is filled with stuff  — just stuff — that has no real purpose or value because you bought them impulsively — they had a glimmer at the time that attracted you.

This happened to me. If I saw something I liked, I just had to have it, and would buy it, no matter the cost, as long as I could use one of my many credit cards. After a few years of this, the next thing I knew, my husband and I were facing bankruptcy. A sheriff showed up to our apartment to serve us papers that said we were being sued by the credit card companies. I was absolutely terrified to see a  man in uniform and a gun belt at my door, and although he was nice, the whole idea of a sheriff and papers blew me away. I realized I had to turn my financial life around.

Fortunately, we didn’t have to file for bankruptcy, but the lawyer helped set up payment plans with all of our credit card companies. It took years to do, but eventually, they were all paid off. Ever since then, we pay for everything in cash (debit card). We have one credit card that we use for online purchases, and pay it off every month. It’s good that the credit line isn’t large.

Aaaaannnnndddddd . . . I’m happy to announce that we will finally own our home that we’ve been renting for the past 7 years — we close on the condo next week!

Are you or anyone you know a Bipolar Spender?

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28 thoughts on “Bipolar Spending

  1. Yes, I am a bipolar spender. I am such an impulse buyer. When I get even the littlest bit of money, I end up spending it on things I don’t need. It’s a struggle.

    1. I know, believe me. I’ve learned to control my impulse buying, but I still do it every so often. The struggle is real! 🌻

  2. It’s funny how when we were done chatting yesterday about this very subject, I received catalogs for clothes in the mail. I wanted to scream! I threw them all out so I wouldn’t get myself into a bind. I want to be able to visit my mother without debt hanging over my head. Great post!
    I do hope you feel better real soon, Barb! Take care of yourself. 🙂

    1. Good for you for throwing out those catalogs! That’s self-care! Thanks for the well wishes 😊🌻

  3. My worse one, was when I took my little boy up to London and spent the rent money on crap. My partner managed to return some of it, but that a few other times, landed us in a shit load of trouble that we are still trying to deal with.

    He now holds my debit card just incase

  4. OMG!!!! Congratulations!!! You are going to own your own place. This is huge!
    I am so sorry you are having to deal with yuckie sickness.
    I am a spender but I mointor myself closely. I do allot myself an allowence and allow myself a set amount to go shopping with about every other month. My daughter usually benefits from these mini sprees more than me but hell, I get to spend and that satisfy’s me.

    1. Thank you!!!! I know what you meant — it doesn’t matter who you’re buying it for, but the feeling of spending can be such a rush.

  5. I am currently in a spending mode. I’ve gotten to the point where I can substitute “ethical” spending and the urge is satiated. Like today I went grocery shopping (I call this ethical spending). But I still had the urge. So I went to the thrift store (that makes it ok, right? because it is affordable spending…. the things we tell ourselves!) That didn’t quench the urge either. So I found things to distract myself. Namely posting about my issue on my blog today. Telling on myself helps put things in perspective sometimes. It sucks. But at least I have the ability to recognize when it is happening now and try to stop it.

  6. Only on towels!!! Isn’t that wild. Of all the things I could buy and I need SOO many things! I have clothes from 30 years ago. I need accessories for my scooter and wheelchair. But nope. I buy towels. TOWELS> ugh. I like to know i can throw them over somethign with a smell and then throw them away. It is so wasteful and I am so non wasteful. Like I will drag recycling bins down the driveway wtih a bungee cord and my wheelchair and yet…i binge buy towels!!!!! And then I feel better. I don’t know why but I press purchase and I feel better! Ok no one knows this but my family and now everyone does but what good is keeping a stupid secret. Why not share it right! You were brave enough to write about it!!!

    1. I can see how someone could concentrate their spending on one particular item *shoes*cough*. Well, that and purses were my items of choice. And of course we rationalize it to make ourselves feel better for buying that item. Thanks so much for sharing! 🌻

  7. This is me! And now after being diagnosed and stable thanks to medication I have started the hard journey of paying off my debt. Since my diagnosis two years ago I’ve been able to pay down half of what I racked up and thankfully the impulse spending has stopped. But my years of adventure left me with tens of thousands of dollars in debt and a bit of shame.
    Thanks for writing this and your honesty and transparency.

    1. I’m not going to lie—you have a long road ahead. But there is a light at the end of the towel. I’ve reached it, and you can, too. Sending love and light 🌻😊❤️

  8. Bipolar spender here! My partner always says he is going to delete the shopping apps off my phone because they are dangerous! However he knows that would be pointless because I would find a way around it anyway, haha!

    1. While I don’t recommend shopping to the point where you’ve got no money, it’s your phone, and you can delete whatever you want

  9. I put things online in the “cart” ready for purchase, but I do a mindful meditation on desire before I hit the “buy now” button and so far it works at least half the time, or at least really delays my spending. But yesterday I needed ink for my printer and there was no hesitation. A justifiable expenditure. I live in a really rural area with no stores except the thrift store, but lately I’m into angels, so I HAD to buy the two foot tall plaster angel (and some little ones), and t-shirts were on sale… good thing it’s just the thrift store and I only spend $7 US. I will have to rearrange my office to accommodate my new angel. I like to buy something every day or I’m anxious. We’re also both on disability so spending…BAD. Meditation really does help with the impulses, though, so far!

    1. Meditating before hitting “Buy now”? Brilliant! It’s a chance to look over your order once again before you place the order. It never occurred to me to meditate before hitting the order button. Thanks for sharing 🌻😊❤️

  10. Totally relate! When I’m manic I find myself spending because I’m empowered to do so, and when depressed I find myself spending to “treat myself” or make myself feel better.

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