First Week of PHP: Done — Well, Sort of

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I hadn’t realized how much PHP would deplete my energy. First of all, I’m not used to being anywhere by 9:30 AM. Usually, I’m still debating whether or not to take a shower. And PHP, to me, is a long day: 9:30 AM – 2:00 PM. Sure, when I’m home, I use that time to check my social media, read blogs, and write a blog post. That usually takes me to approximately noon, when I eat lunch. After that, I lie on the sofa where I alternately read and nap. Granted, my PHP days are broken into segments. We have about three 10-minute breaks, and an hour for lunch.

On Thursday and Friday, I had to get myself there because my husband had to go into the office early. I was terrified. I’ve mentioned before that I hate taking Uber and stuff like that because I don’t like getting into cars with strangers — especially something like Uber, where anybody can become a driver, even if they don’t know their way around the city! And could attack you, as well!

Fortunately, my sister told me about this app called Curb, which uses actual taxi drivers in actual taxis — not in a plain old car with an Uber or Lyft sign in the window. The fact that Curb uses real cab drivers was a relief to me. But it was still terrifying to have to use it.

Well, I scheduled a ride for Thursday morning, and waited outside for the driver. Of course I was busy on my phone, so I was startled when he honked. We drove to PHP, and he was paid, including tip, through my app. That was such a relief because I always fumble with the cash when paying and can never figure out how much to tip. Easy peasy!

I’m proud of myself for having taken that huge step and using exposure therapy to complete the task. Now I feel confident using Curb, and especially because I had to use it again right away to go home!

I thought my IBS-D flared up, so I went upstairs and told the receptionist that, and that I needed to go home. She said that was fine, so I requested another Curb, which again, went smoothly.

Turns out, it wasn’t IBS-D — I had food poisoning! At least my case manager and PHP psychiatrist both called to see how I was doing. I told the doctor that I had food poisoning, and he gave me some advice on how to treat it.

So I didn’t make it to PHP on Thursday and Friday. Oh, well. There’s always next week. I’m just glad I was able to get there on my own!

What do you think of ride apps, like Uber and Lyft? Have you ever used them?

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