Cat Lesson Learned

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One night, my husband and I had spaghetti for dinner. Afterward, our cat, Hee Seop, joined us on the sofa. His face was covered in orange splotches. Clearly, Hee Seop got into the dirty dishes and had a feast or, “sink snacks.” I never would have known it if he didn’t have orange splotches on his face, and more on his paw!

We’re really lucky that Hee Seop, the more “adventurous” eater compared to Angelo, has white fur on his face. One spring, I noticed it was splotched orange, so I figured he just had sink snacks. Then I noticed orange flower petals on the floor in front of the mantel. I realized that they were tiger lillies, which are incredibly toxic to cats. Any lily is.

Photo provided by author

I yelled for my husband who came running into the living room. I was in a depression at the time, so I wasn’t going anywhere. He took Hee Seop to the emergency hospital, where he was hospitalized for 18 hours. He nearly lost his life, but fortunately, my husband got him to the hospital just in time.

No more occurrences of eating goulash, chili, spaghetti, or whatever turns white fur orange. No orange paws, either. And sadly, no more flowers. My husband used to bring home flowers once a week, but ever since that close call, we decided to go without. It isn’t worth it.

These stories are authentic and amusing, at least I hope so, and nearly deadly. Please make sure not to buy lillies if you have cats. I know that Easter’s over, but I’m pretty sure lillies are still sold.

Has your cat(s) ever eaten something s/he shouldn’t have?

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5 thoughts on “Cat Lesson Learned

  1. We can’t keep plants/flowers in our house either. The cats eat them. Even the greenery on the tops of the pineapple! But our one cat, Pixel, loves to eat ribbon for some reason. Of course, we don’t have any in the house, but sometimes her toys that she gets from grandma and grandpa have ribbons on them and forget it….

  2. Wow, that must’ve been such a shock. I am so glad your cat made it through. I totally understand this means no more flowers for your home. My parents’ former cat Pluk probably died from eating a plant (we don’t know which). He was only seven. Our cat Barry hasn’t yet eaten anything that turned out toxic. However, I’m pretty sure he’s nibbed on the hyacnith in my husband’s Easter bouquet when I left the bouquet on the dining table. I just googled it and found out its bulb is the most poisonous part of the plant. Lucily, Barry didn’t get sick.

    1. It was definitely shocking! I’m sorry about Pluk, and I’m glad things worked in Barry favor. Thanks so much for sharing 🌻😊❤️

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