Side Effects I’ve Experienced on Lithium and Prozac

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Some of you know that once I started taking 20mg Prozac in October, it worked great on my mood, but caused my hands to shake. Then my psychiatrist upped it to 40mg in December or January (I can’t remember when, exactly). The shakes became worse.

These past 3 weeks, my Prozac has been tapered down to 10mg, and after talking with my psychiatrist today, he took me off Prozac completely. You’d think the shakes would improve, the tremors had become so bad, that I couldn’t even hold a glass at my brother-in-law’s birthday brunch yesterday. My sister asked the waitress for a straw. I can’t text because I lack fine motor control, my writing is now cramped, and I can barely write my signature. I think the shakes come from the lithium.

I’d heard something vague about lithium possibly causing the shakes, too. I’ll have to Google it. The psychiatrist also put me on some beta-blocker the name of which I don’t know, in order to help stop the tremors. I hope it works.

This, of course, is my experience with these medications, and not to scare anyone away.

Have you ever taken a medication that gave you really bad tremors? What did you do?

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15 thoughts on “Side Effects I’ve Experienced on Lithium and Prozac

  1. I had exactly the same tremors with the first type of lithium, I take, now another (the name is Resilient) that have a prolonged release and I don’t have tremors anymore.

  2. I have a tremor from lithium. I take propranolol (a beta blocker) as needed and it’s at least somewhat helpful. There was a study that found taking large doses of vitamin B6 (1000mg/day) can help lithium-related tremor. I took that for a while, and I think it helped a bit, but popping 10 B6 pills a day was just a bit much.

  3. Im so sorry about the tremor. I have one from the muscle disease and I didn’t tolerate metoprolol betablocker so i take valium when its really bed.
    Im really interested in lithium bc its been around so long. Thats the next med on the table.
    Straws are life savers!!

    1. This will be the first betablocker that I’ve taken, so I’m not sure what to expect. I just want it to work lol! I’ll probably be writing more about lithium. And straws *are* life savers! Thank you for sharing! 🌻😊❤️

  4. lithium gave me a hand tremor, to the point of it being difficult to drink a cup of coffee. Someone told me to switch the cup to the other hand and that helped. For some reason one hand shook worse than the other.

  5. I can honestly say yes to tremors that were caused by a certain medication, but for the life of me… I don’t remember what it was. It was over three years ago. However, I was taken off of it rather quickly, and the tremors did end within days.

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