George Bush Was My School’s Commencement Speaker

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That’s right. It’s the reason why we, the soon-to-be graduates had to be in our area at 6:00 AM. I can’t remember too much about it because of  ECT Brain Fog, but I do remember that the President bestowed upon us a waiting period which was lllllllooooooonnnnnnnggggggg.

I suppose they needed all that time to post the snipers along the turrets of the football stadium. Yep, I saw them. Above the stands. Did I also mention that it was a very hot day?

Oh, and my then-boyfriend/now-husband had the wonderful luck to sit with my parents, who were still together then.

As for the speech, sheesh — it was so long ago, that I don’t remember it, that is, if I ever did.

Afterwards, it was much faster getting out. My parents took pictures of me in my cap and gown, holding my diploma. My mother was so proud.

What have you done to make your parents proud?

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    1. Same with mine, my mom especially. The way she was carrying on, you’d think *she* just graduated.

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