Notable Grandfather

IMG_0727Some of you may have read about my paternal grandfather. He and my grandmother took care of me after my parents moved to the US. Papa was special to me, although admittedly, he was the one who gave me a sense of entitlement (I have stomped my feet and cried at a purse shop after finding out that they just sent it back; they got me the purse lol!) Despite his not being a perfect grandfather (he was to me!), he was an awesome doctor!

On April 27, 1963, my grandfather was awarded, by the Philippine Medical Association, the Most Outstanding Physician of the Year Award. This was before I was born. And despite my scanty (I was hungry!) research, I couldn’t determine whether the Medical Association still awards this. I’m just so proud to be the granddaughter of a notable doctor.

Are you related to anyone notable?

Daily Prompt: Notable

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