Home Alone

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My husband was out of town Wednesday through Friday. Staying home alone is a huge undertaking for me, something that my therapist helped me prepare for by helping me dispel any unfounded fears I had.

Also, I don’t cook, so we had cold salads (pasta, potato, fruit) in the fridge for me to eat, and yogurts for breakfast. We bought dry food for our 2 cats, so I wouldn’t have to deal with nasty canned leftovers. And they always leave leftovers. We boarded our dog (I got out of the practice of walking him by myself).

Feeding your cats and yourself may be easy for some, but this was a big step in recovery for me. My aim is to be less dependent on my husband.

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  1. I hope all went well. It sounds like you survived! 🙂. It’ll take practice but I believe in you.

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