“Mental” by Jaime Lowe


NOTE: This isn’t a book review. Just my thoughts. ☺️

The full title for this book is Mental: Love, Lithium, and Losing My Mind. The author, a journalist, writes about her experience with bipolar from the time she was 16. The book opens with her going through a manic episode as a teenager. As such, I found the first chapter difficult to read, but it does illustrate what I imagine a manic episode would be like. (I’m bipolar 2, so I’ve experienced hypomanic episodes rather than full-blown mania.) Lowe goes on to chronicle her life since that first episode. It struck me as chaotic and cringeworthy, but she survived to write about it.

The author also writes about the history of lithium, as well as bipolar disorder. Her accounts aren’t too technical or anything like that, so it’s a pretty easy read. Overall, the book wasn’t too difficult to get through — just that first chapter, for me.

9 thoughts on ““Mental” by Jaime Lowe

  1. I realize how oblivious I am to the reality of people who don’t know how mania feels when I read your review. My own reaction startled me. Thanks for bringing my own self-focused illness to my attention, along with an awareness of the importance of destigmatizing it and sharing my stories.

  2. This sounds like such an intriguing book. I never experienced (hypo)mania so have no clue what it feels like.

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