“Natural Disaster” by Ginger Zee


I became interested in reading Natural Disaster: I Cover Them. I Am One.,  by TV meteorologist,  Ginger Zee, because the media was saying that she was opening up about her mental illness (depression) in the book. Now, it’s not bad, but there’s only one chapter out of 20 or so, that addresses her depression, and even then she glosses over the events in her life while she was in the hospital. “[T]here are years of stories and experiences I don’t have time or don’t think are appropriate to share” (Loc. 1633) she writes.

Natural Disaster covers her life and career from childhood to present day. When she was feeling depressed, she wasn’t afraid to ask for help. Also, though I understand that it’s the title of the book, she uses the phrase “natural disaster” way too much. Overall, it was enjoyable, albeit not for her struggle with depression. I do think that Zee fans would really like this book.

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