CSI: Canine Scene Investigation

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The parol is to Filipinos as the Christmas tree is to westerners. However, most Filipino Americans put up a Christmas tree, too. Although we had a Christmas tree, my family never had a parol— a star-shaped lantern — when I was growing up, so a few years ago, I decided to get one. But the only one I found online was a do-it-yourself kit that included strips of wood instead of the traditionally used bamboo, and thin, colored paper.

My husband put it together because I’m not particularly crafty or handy. I would have just made a mess of things! Parols usually have a light source, like a candle, inside them so they light up like a lantern. We decided to skip the candles because we considered them, in close proximity to paper, a fire hazard. Little did we know that it was also a dog hazard.

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At the end of the Christmas season, we packed up all the decorations and set them in the dining room until the next time we went to our storage space. Before we had a chance to store them, Rudy destroyed the parol! This was before he was crate-trained, so when we went out, he had the run of the house. On a previous occasion he chewed up one of my shoes, which prompted us to crate train him. (Now he goes into the crate on his own when my husband and I are getting ready to leave.) Our cats weren’t guilty because the damage was too great for a cat to have done. Or in our case, 2 cats. It was obvious that the dog did this. Case closed.

Have your fur babies ever destroyed anything while you were out?


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  1. Biscuits ‘n Gravy was crate-trained immediately, but I want very badly for him to be out all the time, like every other dog I know. So we started leaving him out and alone for periods of 2-3 hours, then 4 or 5. He was doing great for weeks! Then the weekend of my 50th birthday party he was left more often than usual, though not for longer periods than he’d been used to. When we got home from the party, he’d eaten Patrick’s work boots. I decided that it was due to frustration because of the multiple times we left him alone. But when I ran home at lunch on Monday to let him out – he’d eaten my BRAND NEW BLUSH CHUCKS that were my birthday gift to myself. So he’s back to the crate. I hate it. : ( I told him this morning when I left that I would pleeeeeeeease like to try and start leaving him out again. He did not respond.

    1. Oh no! I’m sorry Biscuits ‘n Gravy got to you guys’ shoes. What is it with dogs and shoes, anyway? Rudy actually likes being in the carrier! Sometimes he’ll get in it to sleep lol!

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