I Lost 10 lbs.

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Some of you may know about my weight troubles. Anyway, I lost 10 lbs. since this past April, so it’s been about 2 months. I stopped eating candy, ate smaller portions, and began using the treadmill. I also started going to PHP #4 in April. Having to get up early, get dressed, and leave the house every day (M – F) accounted for some of it, too. I wasn’t used to so much activity.

Somebody told me that I’d probably gain 10 lbs. from lithium, so I’m glad I avoided that. I still need to lose another 10, though. At least I can fit into my old jeans.

Now that I’ve lost this weight, I’ve started eating candy again. Way to self-sabotage. I didn’t even realize I was sabotaging myself. Now that I’m aware, I can do something about it, such as stop. Eating. Candy.

I try to use the treadmill every day, but it doesn’t always happen, mainly because we have plans and I end up forgetting to, or don’t have time to fit it in. Granted, I only walk swiftly for 11 minutes (up from 10) lol!

Hopefully, the next 10 lbs. will be easy to shed.

Are you trying to lose weight, too? Has your medication caused you to gain weight?

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  1. Congratulations on not giving up and not giving in during your weight loss! I think I found that weight during your loss time, but you inspire me to get back on track. Keep up the great work.

  2. Congratulations! All of us who have been or are currently – in my case, forever – challenged with weight loss and the effects of medication know your struggle. Yay, you for pushing thru! Cheering you on for much continued success!

  3. Congrats! I was always forgetting to get on the treadmill , so I set an alarm reminder on my phone for the same time each day. I don’t always follow through, but have done better since setting the reminder.

  4. That’s great! I’ve gained weight with the combo of lithium+quetiapine+mirtazapine. It certainly doesn’t help when my illness goes through phases of making me feel apathetic so I don’t care enough to put effort into exercising and eating well.

  5. Well done on the weight loss. As a BP person its something I struggle with. I’ve taken up a couch to 5k running programme. The other day I thought Id had a major breakthrough. I ran for 25 mins with no pain in my legs. Sadly the next time I went out back to severe pain. I think I have a common injury called shin splints. But I won’t let it stop. Just need to figure out how to fix it. Keep up the good work (John)

    1. I know all too well what shin splints are, so it’s great that you’re running—donut give up! Thanks so much for sharing 😊

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