Back From Manchester, Iowa

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I’m back from my trip to Manchester, Iowa, where my husband, dog, and I visited my in-laws. There are only 5 traffic lights, and I saw cows on a farm about a block away from my in-laws’ house. Despite being a small town (population approximately 5,000), my mother-in-law and I found lots of things to do.

We went to a movie on Sunday night, and then to another Tuesday afternoon. She took me to the quilt shop where she works and introduced me to the owner. (My mother-in-law makes beautiful quilts — see picture.) She taught me how to do the purl stitch. We went window shopping in the small, downtown area, and worked on a jigsaw puzzle. My  husband, meanwhile, stayed at home and hung out with his dad. It was a relaxing trip, but it’s also nice to be home.

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  1. Good to know that you had a relaxing trip. I like small towns. Love you, Chic.

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