Beach Bash

Let’s go to the beach! Bring up to 2 links!

Welcome to ROE’s Beach Bash!

In recognition of my one year of blogging, I am throwing a Beach Bash!! I brought plenty of sunscreen and food. Who is bringing the music?

ROE-BEACH BASH Photo by Max Daley on

Bash Details

BYOB affair

Where: the Beach of course

When: July 16, 2018 – July 17, 2018

Time: 8am-8am Central U.S.

This Beach Bash is open to all bloggers. A few rules to follow are:

Kindness only

Drop a link, click a link

Feel free to share a blog link or a post link

You can share up to two links

Reblog this post

Follow someone new (It doesn’t have to be the host)

Most importantly, Have fun!

Now let’s catch some waves and play some volleyball!!

Surf’s Up

ROE-BEACH BASH Photo by Ghost Presenter on

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