I Think I Need Klonopin

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. . . but I don’t know. Some of you may roll your eyes, but I’m going to write about martial arts class again. Getting there is a big challenge for me right now.

Very recently, I wrote a post called No More Klonopin, which was basically about going off the drug. Now, my anxiety is so crippling that I’m afraid to leave the house by myself. I have yet to go to a martial arts class. Yesterday, I got in the car with my husband and he drove me there. When we arrived, I couldn’t get out of the car. I was that scared.

And this is all so frustrating, because as I’ve said before, I want to go to class. Besides, I want to someday be like Jason Statham in the Transporter. Hahaha!

My husband has my back — he views what happened yesterday (driving there and not going inside) as progress, for me. At this point, I don’t know how I view the situation.

I’m trying really hard not to feel sorry for myself. Something’s gotta give. I don’t know if that means going on Klonopin again or on something else. Or what. I can’t remember whether Klonopin worked when I first started taking it. The reason I got off it was because I felt that I was overmedicated, and because I hadn’t felt anxious in a while. It didn’t seem to be doing anything.

Have you ever had such crippling anxiety? What did you do to combat it?

10 thoughts on “I Think I Need Klonopin

  1. I don’t know how long you have been off Klonopin but it does take a long time to get completely off of it. It’s painful and withdrawal mimicks anxiety. I know it’s very difficult and painful but it is so worth it. I went off cold turkey and it took about two months before I felt better. I was so sick and couldn’t do anything for a while. Pkease just give yourself time and be patient. It will be so worth it. I promise you. You don’t want to ho backwards with progress and start over. Klonopin is only supposed to be used for 10 days at the most and then it really doesn’t work anymore. It mimics anxiety symptoms itself. Good luck. Hugs and prayers for you. I’m just sharing what I know from my own personal experience and research.

    1. I didn’t realize that it takes a while for your body to get rid of the Klonopin in your system. My psychiatrist weaned me off — somewhat quickly — in May. So it’s only been a couple of months. Maybe the anxiety I’m currently feeling is a withdrawal symptom.

      1. It definitely could be. My P-doc says withdrawals are horrific and many symptoms I had in the past could have been from my Klonopin and I believe that wholeheartedly. I know it is incredible painful. My withdrawals were neurological type… Awful but it was the best thing I ever did. I made it and am so happy I am off Klonpin. I did it and I know you can too. So many people are going off Klonopin now. It is great you are too. You will be in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs, Sue you can do it Barb. Please keep us posted.

  2. Awww sending you huge hugs. I’m with your husband inasmuch as I think you made progress. Could you just keep going, every day and each day get a bit closer until you can arrive, wind down the window. Next time open the door. Next time husband gets out and stands by your side of the car with your open door ….. etc etc. Forget about attending the class, take that pressure completely off yourself. Explain the situation to the instructor. Maybe in a few weeks you’ll be able to get out of the car, walk to the building and maybe go and watch a class. See after one week, how just getting into the car is so much easier than last week. Baby steps, baby challenges. I know you can do it. Xxxxx

  3. That’s how psychologists do it, help desensitise the person by going to a place then leaving, going back another time and going in the front door or whatever, going and watching a class, etc., until the person feels more comfortable with it. My husband the psychologist has one client that he accompanies when the person drives, since the client had a real phobia about it, so the client picks him up, and they went first to little streets and then to highways, and the client is doing very well.

    I personally find that sometimes severe anxiety or terror requires a good cry or fit of convulsions or whatever, since it seems to build up in the body, so I go to bed for a bit when I am superfreakedout, and then the energy goes out and I feel more composed. lately I started taking tissue salts/cell salts which help with ‘simple nervous tension’ according to the bottle–it’s a combination of all of them and does not interefere with medication or anything. Here’s a site that describes what they are, but I bought my combination at a local store for about $14.00, and it seems really helpful to me.


  4. I’m sorry you’re in this battle right now but keep fighting. I wish I had some really wise advice for you but anxiety is a new monster in my closet so I have nothing. But empathy. And a big hug. You will do it because you want it so bad. I just saw the other comment about coming off of it, be gentle with yourself. 💕

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