Thank You, Candace

IMG_1371This is a big thank you for Candace of Revenge of Eve and Not Your Average Chick. Because I helped judge the photo contest she held recently, she sent me gifts. FABULOUS gifts!

The first one is a journal with a pink cover and gold flamingos on it. I love new notebooks, even though I rarely fill one! The second is a Daily Mindfulness journal, which will help me be more mindful, as I haven’t been practicing lately. What I particularly like about it is that it’s a guided journal, so there are prompts. Some of them are hard for me to fill out, but that’s what it’s for: to make you think.

Prompts! Photo provided by author

Thanks, Candace!

11 thoughts on “Thank You, Candace

  1. Candace definitely has a knack for this business venture she is on. I use all of my notebooks and planners daily. I truly hope you gain so much from the mindfulness journal. It certainly helps a great deal. 💗

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