Flash Fiction Class

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I signed up for a flash fiction writing class that started earlier this month. It’s online, and the lessons are presented once a week for 5 weeks. Flash fiction are stories that are very, very short, usually 1000 words or less.

When I first started writing fiction, I tried my hand at flash but was unsuccessful, because my stories weren’t stories — they were vignettes. Basically, they lacked a plot and so the action went nowhere. They were just moments in the story’s time.

Because I haven’t been writing these past months, I decided to give this a try. The online format makes it so much easier for me to read the lessons and write the assignments. I don’t have to leave my house to do it, or be around other people. However, there’s interaction between my classmates (and me) because of the nature of an online course.

So far, I’ve sat at my desk every morning and wrote. Because of this class, I now have 3 or 4 drafts for possible flash pieces. Mainly, I’m glad I’m writing every day. I’m hoping this will lead me back to blogging.

Still doing well mentally.

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