My “Hears”

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This past summer, I suffered from what felt like a clogged left ear. It was hard to hear out of it. My primary care physician found nothing wrong, but sent me to get a hearing test.

At the audiologist’s, they ran me through a series of tests, most of which were made up of different tones piped into the headphones I was wearing. They determined that I have some mild hearing loss (25%?), though they didn’t say if this explained my ear’s “clogginess,” which eventually went away.

The loss is due to a combination of things like genetics, age, a history of going to loud concerts, playing drums in bands. I’ve had trouble with my ears since I was a child, getting numerous ear infections and stuff. They said I could get hearing aids if I wanted to but that it wasn’t necessary.

I was tired of asking people to repeat themselves and of not being able to hear what someone said the first time around. This grew worse over the summer. It got pretty bad, in my opinion.

So I opted for the hearing aids, and my quality of life has improved dramatically. My husband and I recently had brunch with his sister and her husband in a fairly loud restaurant. The entire time we were there, I didn’t have to ask anyone to repeat anything, which was great! I heard everything that was said at our table.

The devices are pretty tiny, which you can kind of see from the picture. They’re also very light — I don’t notice they’re there. I had a difficult time inserting them into my ear canals at first, but now I’ve got the hang of it. They’re rechargeable, and can be synced to my phone through an app, so I can talk on the phone hands-free, listen to music with my hearing aids serving as ear buds, and who knows what else.

I call them my “hears” — because they go in my ears and they help me hear. I absolutely love them!

Still doing pretty well, mentally.

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  1. This sounds, no pun intended, AMAZING, Barb. I have been around many people who struggle with hearing and once they get hearing aids it seems to change their life and you seem to be no exception. Great news about your stability. Have you found that staying away from blogging has helped?

    1. They are definitely a life changer! And yes, taking a break from blogging has helped. It’s one less thing I have to worry about.

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