The New Bipolar Barb

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Hey, everyone! You may have noticed my blog’s new look. I’m using a different theme because I’ve reached a turning point in my journey with both bipolar and blogging. And I was getting tired of the old template lol.

As many of you know, my depression is currently in remission. My blog chronicles my battles with bipolar. But now that the depression is at bay, I don’t have to fight a battle at the moment. I’m relearning (I’ve been in remission before) how to live with bipolar disorder, without the depression.

And that’s the new direction my blog is taking. I’ve given myself permission to write anything I want besides bipolar and depression, because bipolar people live “normal” lives and do “normal” things, too. We’re really not much different from non-bipolar people. We struggle with our moods; other people struggle with other things. This decision allows me to expand my ideas of what to write about. Hopefully this will keep me from being stuck.

The blog theme I chose is a whimsical one, with drawings of Post-It notes to separate each section, and has an overall writerly feel. It’s also the template I’ve been using on my author page, Now they  match!

9 thoughts on “The New Bipolar Barb

  1. I like this theme. This was one of the first themes I used back when I made this blog. Looking to read a new you. Hoping that you’ll not be stuck anymore.. Even if you take baby steps, move forward 🙂

  2. I closed mine today because I realized blogging while manic and recovery could be self-destructive. I’ll probably start another blog one day when I’m in remission. I like how you’re focusing on how normal we can be. Some people forget we have that ability.

    1. I can totally see how manic blogging could be self-destructive and perhaps a horrible mistake. While taking down your blog saddens me, it’s good to know that you knew what you had to do for your health.

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