Late Night Quick Draw – Season 1

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This is from A Guy Called Bloke! Click here if you want to play.

Season 1

Describe yourself in 7 words? Bold, daring, funny, smart, outspoken, determined, warrior.

What do you find funny? My husband; he has a few good jokes!

Favourite Food? Right now, it’s lemon panna cotta from Anteprima’s (a local restaurant) dessert menu.

Favourite Tipple? I don’t drink much alcohol, so my favorite drink is San Pellegrino Limonata.

Favourite Ice Cream Flavour? Chunky Monkey by Ben & Jerry’s

Currently Reading? Someone to Look Up To by Jean Gill

Last Film you saw [Cinema/DVD]? Us

Favourite Comfort Food? Pasta

Ideal Breakfast? Belgian Waffle with strawberry and blueberry compote and lots of whipped cream! If I still ate meat, it would be shrimp and grits.

Favourite Music Genre? Alternative/indie rock

Best Holiday you have had? Last month we went to Savannah, Georgia (I even wrote a post about it!), and had a lot of fun. It was the first out-of-state vacation we’ve had in 5 years.

Holiday destination you would love to see? Venice, Italy

What’s your favourite animal? Tigers

Favourite Game? Elder Scrolls by Bethesda

Favourite sport [Take part in/watch]? Hockey to take part in; college football to watch.

Most Favourite Nursery Rhyme Growing Up? I can’t remember any! Lol.

Favourite Colour Pink

What would be your perfect day? Walking to get ice cream with my husband in sunny, 70ºF weather, and then settling on a bench in one of Savannah’s famous squares. to people watch and dog watch.

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