Angelo’s Interview!

Angelo; photo provided by author

And here, thanks to Rory of A Guy Called Bloke, is the interview his dog, Scrappy Doodlepip, conducted with my cat, Angelo! You may recall that Rudy, my dog, was also interviewed last year. Please check it out!

Feline Katz Interviews – Angelo 74

Enjoy! If you have fur (or scale, or feathered, etc.) babies and want them to be interviewed, give Doodlepip a shout at

8 thoughts on “Angelo’s Interview!

  1. That was so cute! I liked “I don’t play with them” and the “pet aggression” from being pet too much. LOL. I read that pet aggression is when dogs or cats bite you to make you stop petting them. Hahaha. Rudy is cute too 🙂

    1. Thank you! When Angelo bites he draws blood. I haven’t been able to stop him, so we’re careful around him! On the other hand he likes to kiss our faces lol!

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