Shut Up & Write! 30-Day Writing Challenge

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So I completed this challenge yesterday. Well, I didn’t totally complete it because I skipped a few of the exercises. Only a few, though. And in some cases, I went back and did them. The challenge really helped me get my act together as far as my writing practice goes.

The e-mail announcing the day’s writing exercise arrived in my Inbox at 10:00 am every day in April. I changed my morning routine around and dedicated time for writing as soon as I got the e-mail.

The exercises took me an hour or more to do, which I thought was great. I really got into doing them. Most of it isn’t my best writing, but there are snippets that I can take advantage of and maybe put into a new story. (Note that this challenge wasn’t just for fiction, but for non-fiction and poetry, as well.)

Normally, I write on my computer. I can keep up with my thoughts better when I type. For the challenge, I did it in longhand. Maybe because it feels more organic to write on paper? Or maybe it was part of the instructions? Lol, I don’t remember.

And that’s part of the problem with writing on paper–I’d often forget an idea that came to me seconds ago, before I had a chance to write it down. It’s so frustrating and I attribute this memory loss to having ECT. Anyway, I had a great pen and journal to use!

I’m really glad I did this and hope they have more challenges coming soon. If I hear of anything I will, of course, spread the word!

Can you write for 30 days straight?

14 thoughts on “Shut Up & Write! 30-Day Writing Challenge

  1. I completed A to Z challenge yesterday. I can’t believe that I did write, I should say post (because I sometimes wrote 2 posts in a day and scheduled one for the next day) , for 26 days and for the rest 4 days, I posted my weekly challenge, With all the hectic schedule, I’m proud that I could complete it. Even if I cheated a lil bit, it is okay 😀

    1. That’s great that you write every day, Beckie! I’ll go months without writing sometimes.

        1. Yeah, I’m going to do what I can to prevent that happening. I would miss and have missed everybody here.

  2. I probably could, but on days when my brain doesn’t feel like writing I like to give myself permission to not push it,

    1. I have—thank you, again!—I like the paper on both, but I tend to use the planner a bit more.

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