My First Meme

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Some of my friends on Facebook create memes, and many of them are hilarious, especially if they touch on inside jokes. I wanted to try my hand at it so after Googling for apps, I chose: Meme Generator by ZomboDroid (not an ad!). It’s pretty easy to use: add text to one of their images, or upload one of your own and add text, as you can see here (right).

It’s not the greatest meme (although I think it’s pretty funny, of course–I was an English major!), but our dog, Rudy, got that ruff in a BarkBox, and I absolutely had to try it on him! Then, the line from Shakespeare’s Macbeth popped into my head and the rest is history! Don’t worry–I’m not going to bombard my blog with memes!

5 thoughts on “My First Meme

  1. Oh! I never knew there were apps for making memes. I always thought people were using photoshop or some other editing app 😛

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