Coming Unglued

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A while back, my husband and I had dinner plans with my sister and her husband. A couple of hours beforehand, I was working on a project from the fused glass workshop that we attended a few days before. I was gluing each glass tile (or chip) that was a part of the project’s design, to a larger “background” tile, which we were instructed to bring back to the studio for firing (so the pieces would fuse together).

So I was working on my project. Some of the tiles and chips refused to stick onto the background tile. I reached for the tube of ultra-sticky Superglue, which I had never used before. Although the chips were adhering to the background tile, the glue was getting all over my fingers. No big deal, just run them under water, right? Wrong!

Boy, was I wrong! My fingers were stuck and I could not move them. It was scary, but at the same time, fascinating the way my skin adhered to itself. It was an odd sensation, the way skin against skin felt, and not being able to move them. Would I be stuck like this forever? (Catastrophizing.)

Meanwhile, we were cutting it close to dinner time.

We ran my hand under very warm water for like 20 minutes, used a box cutter to pry my fingers apart (not recommended!). Nothing worked. I was getting scared. We considered cancelling dinner and going to the emergency room instead. Then, my husband Googled “how to unstick Superglued fingers.”

Acetone. That was the answer. Plain, old nail polish remover. Fortunately I had some! The glue practically melted from my fingers after my husband applied it.

And we were able to get dressed and go to dinner on time!

Have you ever used Superglue? Have you ever glued your fingers together?

These are the finished projects: the Chicago skyline and flag (my husband) and a small tray (me).

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8 thoughts on “Coming Unglued

  1. Oh goodness. I wouldn’t have known nail varnish would remove it, so that was good.

    I have used superglue odd times. But I avoid if I can. When I do use superglue, I use nitrile gloves, to avoid the risk of supergluing my fingers.

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