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Yesterday was my 12th Faceversary (Facebook + Anniversary). I signed up for Facebook in 2007! As such, I’ve seen the various changes Mark Zuckerberg and company have made to the platform.

Some of you may remember “flair,” in which we sent each other buttons with various sayings and they were displayed on our timeline (called a “wall” back then). Or how your status was in third person. Instead of saying “What’s on your mind” it said, “Barb.” This made typing your status in 3rd person awkward–the wording. For me, anyway. It just felt weird.

Anyway, to celebrate my Faceversary, FB has created a short video that highlights my life based on pics I posted. I wish I could embed it here, but I don’t think there’s a way.

Having used FB for as long as I have, I thought there would be more pictures. There weren’t. What they did show were various profile pics of me throughout the years. That was really interesting, to see how I’ve changed–mostly my hair lol! My weight too, has changed both way up and down. And my mental health (depressed to hypomanic to depressed to baseline).

I don’t post as often as I used to. Now I mostly post on Instagram (also Mark Zuckerberg) and here. Wouldn’t it be cool if WordPress celebrated our blog anniversaries? They could compile a few posts that we’ve written throughout the years, to see how much we and our blogs have grown. Of course they ought to fix the platform’s current wonkiness first.

Do you use Facebook? Does your blog have a Facebook page?


23 thoughts on “Faceversary

  1. I have Facebook. I don’t have a blog page on there though. I’ve been with Facebook since 2005, 2006? I can’t remember. LOL. It’s been awhile! And it’s gone through so many changes, some good, some bad.

  2. I briefly set up an author page on Facebook, but then FB kept suggesting people I might know that seemed to be based on account I had years ago with a different email. I thought the creepy factor of that was just way too high, so that was the end of my author page.

    1. Oh, Beckie, I’m so sorry. I’ve stopped accepting blog awards. Please know that I very much appreciate this. Thank you!

    2. Oh no Beckie, I’m so sorry. I’ve stopped accepting blog awards. Please know that I very much appreciate this. Thank you!

  3. I like the idea of celebrating blogvarsaries. Though I don’t know the exact date of creating my blog.

    I do have a facebook account but with time I have minimised using it. It’s almost negligible now. I just open it for my office work now since I work in digital journalism. I have facebook page for my blog too, but then it’s a task to share posts there. In fact, it’s very time consuming to build a community on every social media for your blog. Though I’m trying to stay active on Twitter and Pinterest for blog promotion.

    If not blogvarsaries, we could have blogpost memories at least.. like the ones we get on FB and now Instagram too. This day, that year kinda thing.

    1. It might say the date you made the blog in the settings, but I’m not positive. I thought I saw my start date, but all I can remember is August 2017.

      I agree with you that it’s tough to gain followers on a Facebook page. I have one for my blog. I didn’t find it hard to share your posts to Facebook and Twitter. How do you promote your blog on Pinterest?

      1. I saw somewhere that my blog was made in Sept 2014. But there was no date.

        Yeah, getting followers is difficult. It’s not hard to do it, it’s an added task. I just share my posts on my pinterest account. Made a board and had sections defined according to my categories. I don’t know how but I’ve been getting one view from pinterest every couple of days. Though I haven’t interact with people there. If you want, you can take a look here- https://in.pinterest.com/randomnessinked/

        1. How do you share your posts on Pinterest? I’ve looked and looked and looked and can’t figure it out lol

          1. I went to sharing settings and put the pinterest icon on the sharing options. Immediately below every post I get to see sharing options. I share the posts on Pinterest from there manually. I guess they don’t have the feature of sharing posts on Pinterest as soon as they are published on WP just Like they have for FB and Twitter.

            In fact, I don’t even like using the immediate sharing option on Twitter. It doesn’t allow me to tag accounts so that I can get more reach. So I prefer sharing posts on Twitter manually only.

            1. Actually, you can tag accounts on Twitter by typing in your hashtags in the (near) empty space in the Share menu. You’ll see it–the box where the title of your posts appear.

              1. Yeah i know. But it hasn’t been working. I don’t know why. Maybe some technical fault. I guess I’ll give it a try once more in a couple of days.

          1. That board doesn’t have my content. It’s saved from other people’s posts. Anyway thanks! I also like it 😝😝

  4. I use to be sucked into FB for years, then I found that it stressed me out. Once in a blue, I’ll check my abandoned page… and there it is again, “Stressors” I guess what I’m saying is, I prefer being here. 🙂

    1. Oh, yeah, I was all about Facebook once upon a time. I still use it, but not as much as before. I use Instagram (owned by FB), and even then not as often as before. Rudy’s account on the other hand is a different story! I try to post something once a day lol

      1. It’s great that you do something for yourself with reaching out. I did it more so over three years ago. Instragram & FB, that was until my family (mainly, Sister aka Troll) decided to mock everything I was doing, and therefore copying and belittling everything I did or say to other family members.
        I lost all patience with it, and just ignore it most of the time. I don’t have patience for her and her malicious tendencies.

        1. Wow, that’s total BS. Good for you for not putting up with it. That behavior is beneath you.

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