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Something I really struggle with is forgiving myself. I’m so used to beating myself up for anything and everything that I might as well be bruised all over. I think of myself as a loser.

I know better, and I’m improving as far as not beating myself up goes. For example, I began working out recently. If I miss a day, I’m not going to feel guilty about it like I normally would. I’d just say, “Oh, well” and know that I can try again tomorrow.

Or maybe I’ll decide to eat something that’s calorie dense like chocolate-covered coconut creams. Oh, well. It might make me gain a few ounces, but certainly not several pounds. Of course it’s possible to overdo the “oh, well’s” so you have to be careful. Otherwise, how would you ever get anything done?

13 thoughts on “Self-Forgiveness

  1. It is okay to forgive yourself. I think we should not take things so seriously that they start to affect us mentally or physically.

  2. It’s ok to consume anything, oh wells especially. But if you cross the line into abuse…is when there is a concern. And you are more than missed appointments and mistakes so no beating yourself up. Look how far you’ve come!!

    1. You’re right — we’re more than our missed appointments and mistakes. Thank you for your insight,

  3. Barb, I certainly understand and can so relate to beating one’s self up. It took years in the making not to do it anymore. I have had plenty of “Oh, well” moments…I think it’s normal to feel that way. When it comes to the food aspect, it’s alright to binge a bit. Then back to the schedule.

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